Frequently asked questions to help with your Local Authority return

Frequently asked questions to help with your Local Authority return

Who should be included?

The return should be a reflection of your adult social care workforce. This is all care providing and non-care providing staff that are employed by your local authority and work within the adult social care sector. It includes all permanent and temporary staff as well as bank, pool and agency workers. You should include commissioning teams and any teams/staff within your local authority that support the adult social care sector. Remember to pro-rata the data for those staff that do not work solely within adult social care or work part time.

Please note when it comes to your CQC regulated services, each service (CQC location Id) should have its own workplace and there should be a Registered Manager in post, or a vacancy for one.

How do we record data for part time staff?

You record their actual data such as hours worked, pay and sickness. You do not record full time equivalent data.

If you have a worker who works across more than one service/team you would pro-rata their working hours, pay and sickness data accordingly.

How is sickness recorded?

Sickness is recorded as actual working days lost due to sickness and not calendar days. For example if a worker works three days a week and has a week off sick you would record three days lost.

What if I do not know if a worker has a qualification (social care or non-social care)?

You would record that worker as not having a qualification. By answering no you are not saying that they do not hold a qualification, just that you do not have one on record.

How are vacancies recorded?

Vacancies are only for permanent and temporary roles that you are currently actively recruiting for. You should not include any bank, pool or agency vacancies that you have. The same rule applies to starters and leavers. These should only include your permanent and temporary roles. It does not include bank, pool or agency workers.

How do you use bulk upload?

The ASC-WDS Help Centre provides you with all guidance documents that you need to help with your bulk upload, which you can access by clicking here. You will also find the guidance documents and helpful links on your bulk upload page.

What is mandatory for the return?

You can find the ASC-WDS local authority return requirements by clicking here.

What do I do when I have finished updating my data?

Just because you have updated your data does not mean you have completed the return. You should first run your progress report (on your Home page under Download reports) to see if you have met the requirements. If you have you need to complete and submit your confirmation form (details of how to access this are below in Other information) and email it to and we will check your data. If we find any data quality issues we will contact you to discuss them. You have only completed the local authority return when you receive an official email from us confirming this.

Other information:

Please visit the dedicated local authority section on the ASC-WDS Help Centre by clicking here for other helpful information. This includes the confirmation form that you need to submit when you have updated your data.

If you can’t find what you need or have any general questions or queries please contact our Support Team, who can be contacted by:

Phone – 0113 241 0969

Email –